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Gimme a Hand-Harvested Peruvian Pink Salt from the Andes - Salinas de Maras (GF, Vegan)

Souk Of Treasures

Hand-harvested high in the mountaintops of the Andes Mountains, this Peruvian Pink salt comes to you from the picturesque town of Salinas de Maras. History books call this the Sacred Valley for a reason and this salt certainly lives up to it's homeland with it's mineral rich elements, natural healing properties and detoxification capabilities.

Each jar contains 2oz of hand-harvested salt from the mountaintops of Peru! Photos are actual images of the jars we use and the salt flats from where it is harvested; there are no electronics (not even electricity), there is virtually no waste, and the salt is hand-harvested with love, as it has been since pre-Incan times. There are also no trains or trucking routes in this area, and the location makes either option nearly impossible in the future, so supply is limited to what can be hand-carried. The salt is also harvested only in certain times of year so there are times when you will find out out of stock, if you already love it, we suggest buying more than one.

Use it in the kitchen, for rituals, for bathing, in any sort of healing remedy (gargling, Netti pot solutions, etc.) or simply treat yourself to one of the finest finishing salts available for any culinary endeavor.

This salt is also perfect for making your own herb or truffle-infused seasonings.

Much unlike regular table salt, Peruvian Pink salt is 100% natural and has been known (since ancient times even before the Inca people) to aide natural digestion, stimulate the metabolism, restore minerals to the body's system, and help balance the immune system, among other healthier qualities.

Refine it in one of our mortar & pestle sets, or use it in its natural slightly-course state (see image) - it will not overpower and is sure to please any palate. We simply cannot say enough about the pure magic that is this pure Peruvian Pink salt.

Souk of Treasures Peruvian Pink Salt in mortar with pestle
Hand Harvested Peruvian Pink Salt in Salinas de Maras Peru
Souk of Treasures Aerial View of Salinas de Maras Peru
Souk of Treasures Salineras in Peru Andes
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