"Life is long if you know how to use it" - Seneca

Eco-friendly, Sustainable Sourcing, Fascinating Finds

We believe in energy; when love goes into creating something, you feel that love when you enjoy that special something. We find that our "What Goes in Must Come Out" theory is also true for sweatshop-produced mass-market goods and 'fast fashion' - there is nothing special about unfair trade.

Be free, travel light, and do your best shopping right at home, with Souk of Treasures!

Emma Jordan

Mother Nature is Life's Greatest Tour Guide

Roads less traveled lead to treasures!

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Glimpses of Gold

Treasures aren't just things, treasures can be moments of perfection; like catching a glimmer of gold through the rustling leaves, while listening to majestic peacocks singing in the nearby menagerie.

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